Bitcoin Bankathon 2021

What’s a Blockchain Hackathon?

A blockchain hackathon is an intensive brainstorming and programming marathon that challenges Web 2.0 and 3.0 developers, designers, and innovators. Hackathons are a great tool for:

  • Accessing innovative blockchain banking ideas in a short amount of time.
  • Upskilling teams and changing the internal culture of organisations/institutions.

  • Experimenting with and evaluating blockchain technologies for future use.

  • Raising brand awareness and heightening positive sentiment.

Expected Outcomes

  • Access to new ideas & innovation: as hackathons are time-limited, they force participants to focus their efforts on addressing problem statements without the distractions of long-term planning and management.

  • Talent recruitment and selection: Over the course of a blockchain hackathon, recruiters can quickly evaluate participants’ technical and social skills.
  • Community building: hackathons provide a real opportunity for organisations to build relationships with an ecosystem of third party developers.

  • Great learning tool: Hackathons bring together a diverse group of people who may not have a chance to interact regularly. Bringing together people with different skills and backgrounds is key to driving innovation.

  • Impression on clients, partners or senior management: during hackathons, people typically either co-locate in one space or participate in online activities. The informal, non-sales environment fosters friendly interactions and positive vibes.

Example applications

TESOBE helped launch the first bank-supported blockchain hackathon in El Salvador and has run over 60 Open Banking hackathons with Tier 1 banks from Brazil to Australia.

Some of the apps created during our hackathons went on to become successful business ventures. See a selection of apps created at the Bitcoin Bankathon.

Growr is a decentralized protocol for providing open access to peer-to-peer lending services, in which borrowers can apply for and receive unsecured loans.
Growr On-Chain (Peseta)

Peer-to-peer lending

Tlanetia is a financial inclusion platform that encourages communities of women to become financially independent by creating their own community banks financed by their collective savings.

Digital Community Bank
for Women

BCR (Blockchain Carbon registry) helps organizations and governments easily set up and govern emission trading schemes for companies and monitor fulfillment of their emission targets.
Blockchain Carbon Registry

Decentralized carbon registry

Pisto is an open banking payment system enabling merchants to accept BTC by providing customers with digital gift cards, which can be topped up by relatives abroad.

Offline BTC Payments

Why choose TESOBE for your next blockchain hackathon?

Choosing the TESOBE team for your next hackathon gives you access to:

Having conducted over 60 Fintech hackathons globally, as well as the first blockchain hackathon in El Salvador, we have developed a unique know-how and have built an engaged audience of developers for our events. We’ve successfully run hackathons for Banco Hipotecario, Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, Santander, RBS and others.

Our network of trusted blockchain technology providers have all the capabilities required to build functioning blockchain applications. See our ecosystem page for more details.

Our battle-tested hackathon methodology is hands-on. We accompany the bank in every step of the process. We focus on results and on encouraging the participants to build actual prototypes of their ideas. To that end, we make our banking API and sandbox available at our hackathons.

TESOBE brings a full Open Banking sandbox environment to the hackathon. Open Bank Project technology is by now the leading API technology for banks, and we use it to provide an existing stack of highly secure fintech and blockchain APIs, and access to data covering access to accounts, transaction history, payments, KYC and more, inline with most Open Banking regulations.

We’ve built a community of over 11,000 developers who use our APIs and who are keen to partner with banks and participate in our events.

Our team has spent the last 11 years serving the financial service ecosystem through the Open Bank Project and the hack/make the bank hackathon series. The team includes senior executives with more than 50 years of banking experience and a combined 75 years of technical expertise.

“We became the first bank in the country to launch a bitcoin-focused hackathon, and we are working this 2022 towards a fast-track for the development of new banking applications that can help us achieve financial inclusion and serve our customers best. TESOBE’s help has been invaluable and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

Celina Padilla Meardi, Banco Hipotecario de El Salvador

Reach out today to start planning your next blockchain hackathon event

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