Open Bank Project logo

Don’t combine the Open Bank Project name or logos, or any portion of any of them, with any other logo, company name, mark, or generic terms. Don’t edit, modify, distort, rotate, or re-color the logo.


Larger icons as these 2 are primary colours

R:27 G:165 B:99
C:80% M:7% Y:82% K:1%

R:88 G:88 B:90
C:0% M:0% Y:10% K:80%

Smaller icons as these 4 are secondary colours

R:53 G:194 B:242
C:63% M:3% Y:0% K:0%

R:54 G:54 B:66
C:100% M:100% Y:87% K:0%

R:255 G:174 B:37
C:0% M:29% Y:97% K:10%

R:198 G:200 B:202
C:17% M:13% Y:12% K:0%