Launching a Fintech Hackathon in Jordan with JoPACC


Established in 2017, The Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC) is a domestic payment system operator and a digital payment services provider in Jordan. To support the local ecosystem in developing relevant fintech solutions, JoPACC launched a fintech incubator called JOIN Fincubator in 2022. The programme provides entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and students access to support such as infrastructure, mentorship, and financing opportunities.

Aiming to attract viable ideas to foster in the incubator, JoPACC chose TESOBE to assist in launching and executing its first fintech hackathon.

How TESOBE Helped

JoPACC outlined the following aims:


How TESOBE Helped

TESOBE and JoPACC worked closely towards a successful hackathon. MSME financial inclusion was chosen as the main theme with five challenges for participants to solve.


The Event



On March 16 2023, JoPACC opened the doors at the Zara Conference Center in Amman for 70 participants and the hackathon weekend started. 

Teams participated in various activities that helped them get to know each other, find a team, and refine their ideas. There were technical sessions to help developers start building, online technical support, and facilitators on-site to help teams with questions and doubts. The UX coach assisted teams in refining the look and feel of their prototype, while the Pitch coach helped them hone their pitches. After 2 days of building and coding, a total of 22 teams pitched their innovative solutions to a panel of 6 judges.


The event was just one part of JoPACC’s larger initiative to modernise Jordan’s economy and drive digital transformation across the financial sector, but it served an important purpose. The hackathon attracted more participants and produced more viable ideas than expected. Now, JoPACC can launch the JOIN Fincubator and start supporting fintech solutions with the potential for positive impact in Jordan. This can stimulate the local fintech ecosystem and help it grow to the levels of neighbouring countries in the Middle East.


We were able to identify more than ten teams with potential for incubation and found several promising solutions. The TESOBE team was very attentive in addressing our needs and ensuring the success of our first hackathon. We are very pleased with the results and look forward to supporting these teams as they work towards bringing inclusive digital finance solutions to the Jordanian market.

Maha Bahou

Maha Bahou




Open Banking is now officially alive in Jordan! For me, the hackathon served to highlight some skilled fintech innovators and a great community – but I’m sure there’s an entire ecosystem waiting to arise and make the most of Open Banking in Jordan. The MSME Masterminds hackathon was brilliantly executed and it was truly a pleasure to be part of it and witness such a fintech turning point in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Simon Redfern

Simon Redfern

CEO of TESOBE and Founder of the Open Bank Project



For more information on the Open Bank Project or for assistance in launching a hackathon event, contact us at: | @OpenBankProject |  | +49 (0)30 8145 3994

About TESOBE and the Open Bank Project

TESOBE is a banking consultancy firm founded in Germany in 2006 to advocate for the use of open source and open data to affect positive global change. TESOBE founded the Open Bank Project – the leading open-source API solution for banks – in early 2010. Since then, TESOBE has assisted regulators and banks around the world in executing effective API strategies by providing a unique blend of tools, expertise and thought leadership.

About JoPACC

The Jordan Payments and Clearing Company is a domestic payment system operator that manages and develops several payment systems, introduces innovative digital financial solutions that directly benefit end-users, and produces and disseminates knowledge about digital financial services in Jordan. Established in 2017, JoPACC is owned by the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) and all commercial banks in Jordan. 

About JOIN Fincubator

Founded in November 2022, JOIN Fincubator aims to contribute to the realisation of the Economic Modernization Vision and JoPACC’s objectives to enable fintech start-ups and entrepreneurs to provide innovative financial products and services that ease digital transformation, increase financial inclusion, and achieve a sustainable digital economy. JOIN Fincubator also strives to embrace innovators and entrepreneurs and enable them to test and develop their fintech products and services and facilitate access to infrastructure, expertise, partnerships, markets, and finance.