Open Banking Compliance

Comply with Open Banking standards in use worldwide.

Open Banking regulations encourage banks to expose standardised APIs and allow customers to share their data with third-party providers.


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Share data in compliance with any major Open Banking Standard currently in use

  • Comply with Open Banking regulation
  • Use over 550 pre-built APIs to kick off your programme
  • Test with synthetic data sets tailored to your country
  • Ensure the best developer experience for fintechs
  • Switch seamlessly between international standards
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We didn’t think compliance could be this straightforward. TESOBE unravelled the mystery of Berlin Group for us sooner than we expected.

Hristijan Trifunoski
Hristijan Trifunoski

Manager of IT & BO Division, TTK Bank


Manage your compliance project with the scalable, flexible and cost-effective OBP API Solution

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Has Open Banking been mandated?

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Open Banking is a practice that enables customers to securely share their financial data with third-party providers to access innovative products and services. When mandated by regulation, it compels financial institutions (e.g. banks) to expose API endpoints and make this data available.