TTK Bank streamlines Berlin Group compliance using Open Bank Project


TTK Bank aimed to speedily implement NextGenPSD2 API standards in line with Berlin Group specifications, in order to drive innovation and engage with the next generation of innovators in Macedonia and beyond.

The technological demands of such implementation can often disproportionately impact small and mid-sized banks. To avoid this potential obstacle to TTK’s digital transformation journey, the bank chose TESOBE’s expertise and compliance-ready technology to enable their core with NextGenPSD2 APIs and achieve Berlin Group compliance.

How TESOBE Helped

The objectives were: deliver compliance with Berlin Group specifications, perform integration via stored procedures and enable TTK’s team to use the technology independently within 2 months.

After aligning business objectives and deploying an on-site OBP platform instance as well as a sandbox environment in the cloud, TTK began training and integration.


During the integration phase, TESOBE supported TTK in configuring adapters that needed to be connected to the bank’s legacy systems.

TESOBE wrote new, bespoke connector functions to integrate via TTK’s preferred methodology and created a new star connector to reroute these functions, enabling developers to flexibly switch from testing with synthetic data to real, open data from TTK’s database, and vice versa.

With a view to supporting future API development, TTK implemented real-time documentation with code samples and SDKs in over 10 different programming languages. 

In addition to Berlin Group specs, TTK was integrated with over 350+ APIs which were able to immediately use the OBP authorization & consent management system. 


In the final phase, TESOBE certified the OBP instance by running a suite of compliance, security and performance tests, all of which returned excellent results.

TTK has achieved full compliance with NextGenPSD2 API standards and now enjoys enhanced functionality on all fronts. During testing, developers can access real open data from the TTK core banking system; beyond testing, the institution can exploit OBP functionality to perform actions such as adding media to transactions or validating IBANs.


TTK Bank used the Open Bank Project to rapidly deliver technology that works at scale. TKK lays the groundwork for safe and secure engagement with the next generation of innovators in Macedonia and elsewhere.


We didn’t think compliance could be this straightforward. TESOBE unravelled the mystery of Berlin Group compliance for us sooner than we expected. We’re very happy we could integrate using our preferred method and I’m proud to say that we’re now fully compliant with Berlin Group standards.

Hristijan Trifunoski

Hristijan Trifunoski

Manager of IT & BO Division at TTK Bank


This upgrade allows TTK to become PSD2-compliant, enabling the bank to experiment with and prepare for new business models and product offerings in line with evolving customer expectations. Further, TTK’s new infrastructure goes beyond compliance to deliver enhanced flexibility and functionality.

The Berlin Group specification also allows TTK to penetrate new markets with similar payment systems and ultimately to erase boundaries. With this step, NextGenPSD2 APIs have created a variety of new opportunities for TTK to explore and leverage.


For more information on the Open Bank Project, or if you would like to launch your own sandbox to fuel local FinTech innovation, please contact us at:  @OpenBankProject | | +49 (0)30 8145 3994

About TESOBE and the Open Bank Project

TESOBE GmbH is an independent company founded in Germany that assists banks in executing effective API strategies. The Open Bank Project started life in 2010 with the vision of enabling all banks to benefit from open innovation, open APIs, and wider access to fintech startups. It quickly scaled into the leading open-source API solution for financial institutions, spanning over 500 banking-specific APIs supported by 11,000 fintech developers worldwide with over 100 global banking customers.

About TTK Bank

TTK Bank is a universal commercial bank that provides a diversified portfolio of banking/financial products and services to small and medium enterprises and individuals in Macedonia.