API Sandbox

Launch an API Sandbox tailored to your needs


Provide a controlled technical environment where developers can test applications and APIs without using sensitive consumer data.

Ideal for compliance

Launch a sandbox compliant with leading regulations worldwide

The basic API sandbox has everything you need to test applications in compliance with major standards worldwide.

Ideal for innovation

Launch an innovation sandbox with 500+ APIs

An innovation sandbox goes beyond compliance to enable game-changing fintech innovation.

We’re extremely happy to have TESOBE as our partner on this journey. With the Open Bank Project sandbox powering our initiative, NMB will be able to catalyse innovation in Tanzania and beyond.

Paul Shilla
Paul Shilla

Senior Specialist: Digital Lab at NMB Bank


Self-service registration and onboarding

Self-service registration and onboarding

Real-world persistent data model complete with constraints

Region-specific data generation

Compliant with many leading Open Banking standards 

Prebuilt auth & consent screens and flows

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A sandbox is a safe testing environment where new fintech products and services can be tested before being released to a wider audience.