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We’ve run over 100 fintech hackathons with financial institutions from Brazil to Australia. See below to get a taste of what you could achieve:

Hackathon Suite

The Open Bank Project are head and shoulders above any other potential partner we could have worked with. They handled registrations, communications, and the flow of the hackathon. Needless to say, they provided a complete Sandbox with over 250 APIs and technical support.

We received extremely positive reviews from the participants. The TESOBE and Open Bank Project team contribution was critical in making this first edition of Hackathon Fincluye a big success. Perhaps the best hackathon in Financial Services in Mexico to date!

Juan Guerra
Juan Guerra

Chief Innovation Officer, Citibanamex



A hackathon is an intensive marathon of collective brainstorming and programming activities that engage the creativity of designers, developers and innovators. Hackathons invite teams to compete by building prototypes that solve specific challenges set by the hackathon host.

A typical on-site hackathon lasts 48-72 hours, while online hackathons tend to last 2-3 weeks. Hackathons involving emerging technologies (e.g. blockchain) may require more time depending on participant proficiency.