Open Banking API Platform

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The global standard and API solution for the financial services industry

Create, test and manage financial-grade APIs to share data safely and build better applications faster.

API Documentation

How it works

The OBP platform seamlessly connects to any system to expose data and services through a catalogue of prebuilt and standardised API endpoints.

How it Works

Organisations use OBP to share data
with third parties, integrate external services, and streamline internal processes.


Open Bank Project is not only a very useful platform to build your applications on, but the people behind it know what they are talking about, are very inspiring and know how to ignite the process of collaborating with developers, guide the development process and develop a lively ecosystem.

Harrie Vollaard
Harrie Vollaard

Innovation Manager, Rabobank


Financial institutions, regulatory authorities, global development companies and FinTech companies use the OBP platform.