Mexico’s CNBV future-proofs Open Finance technical & consent guidelines


Mexico has proven to be the region’s leader in fintech innovation. However, the Fintech Law was only the first step the nation took to catalyse innovation across the financial services ecosystem.

The National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) and Banxico are the relevant regulatory authorities in Mexico and are responsible for ensuring security in the new open finance landscape. Their mission required the delivery of API guidelines that were in line with Mexico’s objectives and which were secure enough to be implemented across the entire sector. CNBV collaborator DAI addresses social and economic development problems.

To achieve the mission, DAI commissioned TESOBE and the Open Bank Project to test the Transactional and Consent guidelines in a secure simulation environment.

How TESOBE Helped

The first step in testing the guidelines was the creation of a consortium of financial services providers and technology specialists.

Pilot participants aimed to identify vulnerabilities and gain hands-on experience of the Mexican Open Finance model.

CNBV delivered the guidelines and TESOBE built compliant APIs and authorisation & authentication flows from the ground up.





With TESOBE’s assistance, we ran a great pilot testing and future-proofing the Debit Transactional Mexican Open Finance Guidelines along with the Client Consent Guidelines in a safe and controlled environment.

Their dedication to the project was evident from start to finish. After some internal reviewing, the standards can be adopted across the banking industry. With full confidence, we believe that these cutting-edge specifications will pave the way for seamless Open Finance implementation in Mexico.

Daniel Castillo

Daniel Castillo

Director of Regulatory Development at the National Banking and Securities Commission Mexico (CNBV)



It’s been a privilege to support the CNBV’s pilot project. The new technical and consent guidelines will aid and accelerate open banking implementation in Mexico. We look forward to supporting the region in its Open Finance journey and expect great things in the next few years!

Mexico’s banking sector will empower their customers by offering a wide range of fintech applications addressing their needs while protecting and preserving their privacy. The CNBV and Banxico have thus set the stage for a secure and successful Open Finance reality in their region.

Simon Redfern

Simon Redfern

CEO of TESOBE and Founder of the Open Bank Project



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About the CNBV

The National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) is a decentralised body of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) that supervises and regulates entities making up the financial system in Mexico to ensure stability of the sector. 

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