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JOIN Fincubator successfully hosts its first Fintech Hackathon: MSME MASTERMINDS

JOIN Fincubator, JoPACC’s newly established fintech incubator has successfully hosted its first fintech hackathon: MSME Masterminds. The hackathon was organized in collaboration with the Open Bank Project and was sponsored by the GIZ Implemented Project: Innovative Approaches for the Financial Inclusion of MSMEs In Jordan (I-FIN).

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Open Banking Is on the Way in the U.S., Accompanied by Risk Concerns

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective in 2018, came into play as digital finance grew within and across borders. APIs and standardization efforts such as the Open Bank Project, Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) and the Afinis Interoperability Standards and Financial Data Exchange (FDX) are also factors.

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5 Innovations in Banking Application Development: From Challenges to Opportunities

In the same survey, the Open Bank Project found out that the biggest challenge for the universal use of APIs is corporate culture and bureaucracy. These two are followed by a lack of understanding of the technology.

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Open banking: A bibliometric analysis-driven definition

Although the first open banking regulation was approved in 2017 in the UK, the concept’s origins are uncertain. Simon Redfern founded the Open Bank Project in 2012. But even before that, academic articles have been containing references to “open finance” and “financial aggregation” since 2002.

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El Salvador’s Long Winding Road To Financial Freedom

The TESOBE, Qredo, and API3 partnership aims to provide open banking and decentralised custody and DeFi lending and trading services for neobank & fintech startups in El Salvador that wish to offer Bitcoin and crypto products. TESOBE assists banks, financial institutions, and regulators in deploying new services and blockchain integration.

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Canada’s Open Banking Journey: Interview with Simon Redfern, Founder of The Open Bank Project & CEO of TESOBE

The series is called ‘Canada’s Open Banking Journey’ and aims to aggregate international and domestic perspectives of Open Banking/Finance expert practitioners from around the globe to advance dialogues, key considerations, and explore potential solutions for the development of a made in Canada open banking regime

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What can financial institutions do to target climate change, and is it enough? (Podcast)

In this episode, Open Banking Expo’s Ellie Duncan is joined by Simon Redfern, CEO of TESOBE and founder of the Open Bank Project, Gavin Starks, founder of, and Steve Williams, research group leader at the IASS in Potsdam, for a discussion about what financial institutions are already doing and what more they can do to tackle climate change. What do we mean when we use the term ‘sustainable finance’? How has Open Banking paved the way for the collection of net zero data?

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TESOBE, Coinfirm partner for crypto Open Banking

By deploying Coinfirm’s AML/CFT analytics to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, TESOBE’s obliged entities’ network can follow global crypto AML guidelines, the EU’s 6AMLD, and other supernational and national regulations.

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API3 Successfully Integrates With RSK Protocol to Deploy Web2 APIs

The Open Banking APIs from TESOBE / Open Bank Project have been deployed to RSK, giving developers access to a variety of Open Banking APIs supporting dApps construct solutions ranging from KYC & Account Management to ATM & Card services.

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Bancos de El Salvador creen que pueden coexistir con bitcoin

En ese sentido, Francisco Montenegro de Open Bank Project expresó que los bancos no necesitan incorporar soluciones que ya existen, solo deben aplanar la curva de aprendizaje en términos educativos. En lo relacionado a la infraestructura, Montenegro considera que deben prestar servicios de custodia, cubrir el aspecto de AML (Anti-Money Laundering), marco legal creado por los gobiernos de cada país para combatir el lavado de dinero y agregó que los bancos deben tener reservas en bitcoin.

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Banco Hipotecario invita a construir el futuro de la banca en El Salvador

El evento tiene como objetivo involucrar a los desarrolladores de todo el mundo en la creación de una plataforma tecnológica proporcionada por cuatro líderes de la industria: Open Bank Project, API3, Qredo y Sovryn, para generar nuevas aplicaciones bancarias que permitirán al Banco Hipotecario ofrecer servicios bancarios y financieros utilizando bitcóin para todos los salvadoreños.

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‘Bitcoin Bankathon’ looks to find El Salvador’s financial future

The inaugural event is aimed at engaging developers across the globe to build on a technology platform provided by four industry leaders ⁠- Open Bank Project, API3, Qredo, and Sovryn ⁠- in generating novel banking applications that will enable Banco Hipotecario to offer Bitcoin banking and financial services to all Salvadorans.

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Open Source Is Finally Coming to Financial Services

TESOBE’s libraries provide code to connect to legacy systems and provide a starting point for the base-level APIs required. Those libraries are continuously updated according to the latest regulatory changes, streamlining important work typically left to individual developer and policy teams. Tesobe makes complying with open banking regulation much easier.

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Tech Innovators Lead the Charge to Ensure Bitcoin Adoption in El Salvador is a Success

The Bitcoin Alliance, a new alliance between Banco Hipotecario, TESOBE – the company behind the Open Bank Project – API3, Qredo and Sovryn will bring forth the next generation of Blockchain applications offering open banking solutions to provide financial inclusion to all in El Salvador.

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El Salvador’s State-Owned Banco Hipotecario Taps Four Crypto Startups for Blockchain Solutions

Simon Redfern, CEO of TESOBE and founder of the Open Bank Project, said in a statement that the combined technologies will help Banco Hipotecario deliver more transparent and inclusive financial services to Salvadorans – especially the underbanked part of the population.

He also said it will remove many of the uncertainties that stand between El Salvador and the advantages of cryptocurrency adoption.

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Banco Hipotecario and Open Bank Project bid to facilitate bitcoin adoption in El Salvador

State-owned Banco Hipotecario has teamed up with open-source API specialists Open Bank Project, which has in turn called in its partner API3 to help provide bitcoin-enabled open banking services.

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API3 und Open Bank Project — eine 10-jährige Entwicklungspartnerschaft, die eine Brücke zwischen Open Banking und Web 3.0 schafft

Durch die Entwicklungspartnerschaft von Open Bank Project und API3 werden Banken befähigt, Daten direkt an Blockchain-Netzwerke zu übermitteln, indem sie das von API3 entwickelte First Party Oracle Airnode verwenden.

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Financial blockchain in Latam: from exploration to application

“What we want to do is identify the anonymity that data requesters have on the blockchain and authenticate them in the financial context. It can be a great use case for regulators, as well as for tax institutions,” explains Francisco Montenegro, Head of Latam for Open Bank Project.

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TESOBE insieme a G2 Startups per spingere l’Open Insurance in Italia (Italian)

TESOBE, leader nell’Open banking e promotore della piattaforma Open Bank Project, ha annunciato una partnership con G2 Startups per promuovere la crescita dell’Open Insurance e definire uno standard per lo sviluppo di Open API in Italia.

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Open Bank Project and API3 partner to unite Banking and the Blockchain (Yahoo Finance)

By utilizing API3’s oracle middleware, Open Bank Project will enable blockchain developers to call over 400 of its banking APIs. This will allow the blockchain ecosystem to create crypto-banking solutions, while banks can provide data feeds directly to blockchain networks.

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Open Bank Project and API3 partner to unite Banking and the Blockchain (MarketWatch)

Open Bank Project announces a strategic partnership with the API3 Foundation to deliver banking & open banking data oracles to the Decentralized Web. The Decentralized Web (Web 3.0) is the next generation of internet applications and services enabled by blockchain technologies.

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API3 partners with Open Banking Project to connect Open Banking APIs to blockchains (Paypers)

Potential use cases for Open Banking data on blockchains include solutions like secure and decentralised databases for data verification between banks and authorised third parties, the bridging of Open Banking data to blockchain-native systems like DeFi and self-sovereign identities, data marketplaces, and data unions enabling banking customers to monetise their private financial data.

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Oracle Provider API3 Signs 10-Year Deal With Open Bank Project (Coindesk)

Open Bank Project CEO Simon Redfern, who has worked closely with the likes of HSBC, Santander and BNP Paribas as well as various regulators, said banks can sometimes be slow and bureaucratic, but they do carry an important trust credential. The API3 partnership will create a bridge between those banks and the worlds of DeFi, self-sovereign identities and data marketplaces, he said.

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Oracle Service API3 Partners With the Open Banking Project, Plans to Connect 400 Banking APIs to Blockchain (Bitcoin News)

During the last few months, there’s been greater interest in oracle providers like Chainlink, Band Protocol, API3, and DIA. On Monday, the oracle provider API3 announced a ten-year partnership with the Open Bank Project. The collaboration between API3 and the Open Bank Project aims to bridge conventional banking with blockchains and Web 3.0 applications.

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Open Bank Project and API3 partner to unite banking and the blockchain (Finextra)

The API3 Foundation has developed oracle middleware, which OBP will use to enable blockchain developers to call over 400 of its banking and management APIs. This, say the partners, will allow the blockchain ecosystem to create crypto-banking solutions, while banks can provide data feeds directly to blockchain networks.

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„ფინკა ბანკმა“ ღია ბანკინგი დანერგა | ინტერვიუ ირაკლი ელაშვილსა და საიმონ რედფერნთან (Georgian)
FINCA Bank Introduces Open Banking | Interview with Irakli Elashvili and Simon Redfern

After intensive selection procedures, we chose the German company TESOBE, which is one of the pioneers in open banking. Conceptually, open banking is an important tool for financial sector transparency and encouraging innovation in the financial sector. This is the future of the banking sector in general, where customers with more open platforms are given the opportunity to have a greater choice.

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Open Banking – Auf dem weg zum Banking-Ökosystem
(On the Way to a Banking Ecosystem) [German]

We asked Simon Redfern, founder of the Open Bank Project and CEO of TESOBE , for his assessment of how traditional banks must position themselves as part of modern open banking ecosystems in order not to lose the direct customer interface to third-party providers. Simon Redfern is considered a pioneer of open banking and has already accompanied major banks on their way with the Open Bank Project platform.

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L’Open Insurance Initiative lancia in Italia il suo primo Chapter locale [Italian]

Il Playground costituisce l’area di sperimentazione e sarà una sandbox tecnologica pensata e realizzata per sperimentare e testare lo sviluppo e la efficacia di un set di Open API applicabili all’interno delle proposte dell’IWG. Oltre ai membri dell’IWG, saranno coinvolti anche due partner tecnologici: la startup italiana D4Next e il player internazionale TESOBE, leader nell’Open banking e promotore della piattaforma Open Bank Project.

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Altitude’s Guide to the Best Open Banking Platforms in 2021

Financial institutions are preparing for the advent of open banking, and some have more technological resources and development capabilities than others. In almost all cases, they’re looking for tools and platforms to accomplish this. This assessment compares a number of open banking platforms available in the market today, to facilitate that decision.

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Every bank should initiate its Open Banking initiative (Why? and How?)

Simon Redfern, Founder, Open Bank Project and Stephane Niango, Managing Partner, Arqitek suggest that MEA banks must make a move on Open Banking. Leading MEA banks will learn from the European experience and bring together the teams and approaches required to forge ahead.

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Ismail Chaib of TESOBE on the Era of Open Banking

Ismail Chaib and the Open Bank Project have been working on open APIs for banking since before the word “fintech” was even a thing. In the early days he had to explain to bankers what API was – now they know, but open APIs are still a rarity.

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What is open banking and why is it important in 2020?

Some companies are taking charge of providing better open banking services as the access to data has made banking innovation easier than ever.  The Open Bank Project (OBP) is a consortium of over 11,000 developers and fintech companies facilitating a better flow of financial data.

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El Hackathon de Inclusión Financiera y Open Banking es el primero en Latinoamérica que tendrá un simulador bancario con más de 250 APIs.

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Un finde por la inclusión financiera en México

Citibanamex organiza su encuentro anual de Educación Financiera y presenta ahí el primer Hackathon por la Inclusión Financiera de México.

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Hackathon de Inclusión Financiera de Citibanamex

Citibanamex llevará a cabo del 25 al 27 de octubre en el Hotel Presidente Intercontinental de la Ciudad de México, el 1er Hackathon de Inclusión Financiera y Open Banking en México, para desarrolladores de soluciones tecnológicas digitales.

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El 1er Hackathon Fincluye se llevará a cabo del 25 al 27 de octubre del año en curso en la misma sede y espera la participación de más de 150 desarrolladores los cuales podrán utilizar más de 250 APIs bancarias de Open Bank Project para crear prototipos y soluciones tecnológicas que aborden los principales retos de la inclusión financiera en México.

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Anuncia Citibanamex Hackathon para octubre

Citibanamex, en colaboración con Open Bank Project, invita a desarrolladores de software, diseñadores, emprendedores, startups y entusiastas de las Fintech a inscribirse al 1er Hackathon Fincluye por la inclusión financiera de México

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Second Citizens Challenge Hackathon Focuses on Bank, Fintech Collaboration

Citizens Bank today announced the winner of its second annual Citizens Challenge hackathon, which brought together students from more than a dozen local universities and fintechs for a weekend of intense coding, resulting in 12 working prototypes.

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Citizens Challenge 2019: Driving Innovation In Banking

Hackathons can be an excellent way for financial services firms to round out their innovation portfolios. Innovation events like these can help address changing consumer needs and behaviors, as well as competitors’ responses to them. They can help ensure the firm’s survival by adding net-new value to consumers.

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Citizens Bank Invites Innovators to Tackle Banking Sector Challenges at Second Citizens Challenge Hackathon

This year’s hackathon, held in conjunction with District Hall and the Open Bank Project, includes coaching, workshops, mentoring sessions, get-togethers and prizes for great ideas.

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Citizens Bank Invites Innovators to Tackle Banking Sector Challenges at Second Citizens Challenge Hackathon

Citizens Bank is inviting early-stage startups, developer teams, students and other innovators to put their creativity and talent to work to solve some of the thorniest issues currently faced by banks at its second hackathon, from Oct. 4-6 at District Hall in Boston’s Seaport District.

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Key lessons for the insurance industry from Open Banking

The move towards openness and data sharing is a global trend that is here to stay. New practices in accessing and sharing data are transforming the way we work and produce value.

Open Bank Project’s Chaib: Open APIs will benefit banks and startups

Good news for fintech startups: In the future, every bank will have an API. That’s according to Ismail Chaib, chief operating officer at Open Bank Project, a Berlin-based open source API platform for banks.

Competition, Disruption, and Opportunity

Featuring insights from Stuart Coleman, Jim Marous, Adina Eckstein, and 17 other leading experts, this unique new multi-author white paper explores the state of consumer banking in 2019-2020

Aion Digital signs open banking partnership deal

The Open Bank Project provides an on premise modern and standards-based technology stack, tested, used and approved by global tier 1 banks

Aion ties up with Open Bank Project

Banks in Bahrain will get access to a new open banking ecosystem under a partnership between Aion Digital and the Open Bank Project.

The High Price Of API Avoidance

The Secure, Necessary Path to Open Banking When banks’ small business customers want to use FinTech services, such as accounting software, these require drawing on their bank account data.

PSD2: The Payment Services Directive Simplified

Europe has long been known to have a rather inflexible financial system. It has struggled to innovate, remain competitive, and achieve the same level of productivity & investments as other systems, like the financial system of the United States.

Open banking to spur innovative personal finance services

Open banking, or the practice of sharing financial information via electronic means in a secure manner, is gaining traction across the world. This is expected to lead to the launch of new personal finance services from as early as 2021, says Ismail Chaib, chief operating officer of Technical Solutions Berlin (TESOBE), the initiator of the Open Bank Project.

The Open Bank Project Wins Best Technology Provider For Open API Standards at Global Open Banking Awards

The Open Bank project has been selected as the winner of the first FDATA Open Banking Awards for showing innovation whilst supporting Open Banking Standards, especially digital identity, authentication and API technology.

4 Regulatory Approaches to Encourage the Growth of Open Banking

Open banking is on the march around the world, with or without the input of regulators. The promise of open banking is that customers will gain more control of their data in order to share it with third parties, and banks will gain new revenue streams as their services proliferate to more endpoints.

The Open Bank Project Enters Agreement to Support 86 400 Ahead of Upcoming Launch

Open Bank Project, the leading open source application programming interface (“API”) solution for banks, recently entered an agreement with soon-to-be-launched 86 400.

Open Bank Project collaborates with Red Hat to Deliver Next Generation Open Banking Solutions

The leading provider of open source API solutions for banks joins forces with a leading enterprise software company to help banks embrace open banking

¿Qué es el Open Bank Project y cómo las APIs abiertas están cambiando a la banca?

Open Bank Project “es una API de código abierto y también es una tienda de aplicaciones que permite a los bancos aprovechar el talento y el desarrollo de terceros para mejorar sus productos y servicios para clientes”.

Open Bank Project powers FinTech APIs for 86 400, Challenger to the Big 4 in Australia

86 400 will use Open Bank Project API definitions to standardise and harmonise its API design, enabling access to a global network of over 10,000 FinTech developers.

Imminent lender 86 400 has signed an agreement with an open banking API specialist to power its platform

Founders Anthony Thomson, former ANZ Japan CEO Robert Bell and ex-Cuscal CIO Brian Parker are gearing up to launch 86 400 (signifying the number of seconds in a day), after signing a deal with Berlin-based Open Bank Project (OBP) that will see the banking platform powered by OBP’s API.

Red Hat and Open Bank Project team for nex-gen open banking offering

The Open Bank Project, an open source API solution for banks, has launched a new API offering for banks and financial institutions, developed with Red Hat, an open source tech specialist.

Report – Development of UK Open Banking

Simon Redfern, based in Berlin, is the original thought leader on Open Banking. He initially began thinking about the concept of Open Banking in 2006, and sat on the idea until making it public as a poster submission for the ITEA2 conference in Berlin in 2010. His work included the ideas around an open Application Programming Interface (API) and open standards and the best practices to implement them.

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Open Bank Project Collaborates with Open Source Software Company Red Hat

Open source API innovator, TESOBE’s Open Bank Project, announced it has teamed up with Red Hat this week. The two are collaborating on a new API specifically designed for banking and financial services companies.

Oz challenger bank 86 400 signs on with Open Bank Project

86 400, an Australian banking startup led by a host of industry heavyweights, has inked a deal with open source API specialists Open Bank Project.

Open banking is coming, but it’s taking its time

Slow to take off, open banking could yet transform financial services and offer better deals for banking customers

Open Bank Project to Present Demo at Finovate Fall, Showcasing Open Banking Utilization by 10,000+ Developers Worldwide

Berlin-based software company TESOBE, the founder and driving force behind the Open Bank Project, today announces an upcoming demonstration of its Open Banking platform at FinovateFall in New York City on Sept. 25.

Open Bank Project Teams Up with Fintech Accelerator

INV Fintech, the global fintech accelerator, and the Open Bank Project, the leading open API solution for banks, have teamed up to release an Industry Sandbox for the US.

Citizens Bank & Open Bank Project: The Citizens Challenge

The Citizens Challenge is a platform for individual developers and start-ups to prepare and present innovative technology ideas in banking, which will take place in July from 27th till 29th, 2018. The event will consist of 48 hours of coding aimed at innovating the financial services industry.

Tesobe powers Santander’s first hackathon

The bank will leverage the Open Bank Project’s white-labeled sandbox technology and expertise to host the competition, themed “Building Banking Your Way”

Tesobe powers API for Forty Seven Bank

Tesobe’s Open Bank Project, an open source API solution, will power Forty Seven Bank, a London-based banking start-up, reports Julie Muhn at Finovate.

TESOBE’s Open Bank Project Powering Santander’s First Hackathon

Courtesy of help from TESOBE’s Open Bank Project, Santander is hosting its first hackathon this spring

Santander Hackathon 2018: Building Banking Your Way

Calling all developers and future FinTech entrepreneurs to join us on March 16th -18th, 2018 at Huckletree Shoreditch in London.

Improving life with data, an Australian Payments Council hackathon

The Australian Payments Council, which counts the country’s largest financial institutions among its members, will host a data sharing hackathon between 11th and 13th August 2017

Australian Payments Council to run two-day hackathon

The hackathon – an intense marathon of ideas generation and software creation – is being driven by the Australian Payments Council which counts as its members ANZ, Bendigo, Coles, CBA, Cuscal, NAB, eftpos, Mastercard, Reserve Bank of Australia, Suncorp, Tyro Payments, and Westpac.

SocGen to run internal hackathon with Open Bank Project

The Open Bank Project, leading API solution for banks, has partnered with Societe Generale Group, one of the largest European financial services groups, to hold an internal hackathon focused on Open Banking

The Open Bank Project and Societe Generale Group launch an internal Open Banking Hackathon

The Open Bank Project, leading API solution for banks, has partnered with Societe Generale Group, one of the largest European financial services groups, to hold an internal hackathon focused on Open Banking.

Survey: What Are Your API Priorities?

For the third consecutive year, Bank Innovation has teamed up with Open Bank Project and (this year) the University of Warwick, to conduct a research survey on how financial institutions worldwide are prioritizing API initiatives in 2017.

WTF is open banking?

With the rapid proliferation of personal finance apps, developers are racing to meet demands from customers who want to view their banking information in ways beyond the traditional banking apps from their providers.

SwissFINTECH#36 – New APIs and Open Bank Project the next clash?

We are welcoming Ismail Chaib, COO at TESOBE / Open Bank Project for this unique session.

Top Banking APIs Enabling Access to Aggregated Rich Financial Data

Banking APIs constitute the core of innovative approach to building financial products. Enabling access to data for all relevant participants of the market creates an opportunity for each of them to build a superior offering as well as for consumers to make better choices of financial products.

UniCredit and Open Bank Project launch fintech start-up competition

UniCredit and Open Bank Project, an open source API and app store for banks, invite fintech developers and start-ups to take part in its Appathon competition.


Level39 member Open Bank Project has teamed up with leading financial organisation UniCredit to launch the 2016 online Appathon: a global competition for fintech developers and startups.

The Open Bank Project – A bridge too far for Australasian banks?

Simon Redfern, CEO of Berlin-based software company Tesobe had an idea to fight corruption by creating a bank where all transactions were visible to everyone. From this original idea grew the Open Bank Project (OBP), an open source API for banks that supplies a means by which financial institutions can quickly and securely develop new applications or use third party applications for their customers.

Hackers desenvolvem novos serviços e produtos para bancos

Hackers e bancos nunca tiveram um bom relacionamento, mas isso está mudando. Há três anos, a organização Open Bank Project organiza o “Hack the bank”, maratona hacker — conhecida como hackathon — para o desenvolvimento de novas tecnologias para o setor financeiro.

Open Bank Project: how open APIs are changing the banking sector

Open Bank Project is an open code API and an app store that enables banks and their DevOps teams to make use of outside talent to create new products and services for their customers. All based on a vision of open business.

Open Bank Project & JB Financial Group Launch a Global FinTech Hackathon

JBFG has partnered with 2e & the Open Bank Project to deliver this global initiative. Startups will use the JBFG Open Bank Project API sandbox to demonstrate their Apps.

JB Financial invites applicants for South Korean hackathon

In the first global hackathon devoted to the banking industry of South Korea, the JB Financial Group, 2e & TESOBE/Open Bank Project are proud to announce the BiSang hackathon (‘Quantum Leap’ in Korean) aimed at global start-ups, developers and individuals.

How is big data transforming the financial sector?

Using big data for finance is a trend at the centre of the UK financial sector. The emerging financial services sector is commonly termed ‘fintech’ and while it includes firms in retail financial services, risk analytics and aspects of extensive payment systems, a major element of it focuses on the use of big data and the algorithms appropriate to transform datasets into marketable tools.

Emirates NBD launches global challenge for fintech startups

Middle East banking powerhouse Emirates NBD is inviting fintech startups from around the world to take part in a competition to design digital financial services tools for the chance to win cash prizes.

Will Banks Become App Stores? This De Novo Wants To

For years, banks have — sometimes begrudgingly — allowed customers to share account data with other companies. Now, a startup bank across the Atlantic says it will not only tolerate such sharing but encourage it.

10 Digital Trends Banks & Credit Unions Should Embrace

Rather than viewing fintech start-ups and digital disruptors as threats, traditional banks and credit unions can view digital trends as a roadmap for success.

Fiserv and Bank Innovation team up for fintech accelerator launch

Bank Innovation and Fiserv have launched Bank Innovation INV, a fintech accelerator for financial services start-ups around the world.

Les banques distancées dans la bataille des API

Les premières banques se sont lancées dès 2012, l’« Open Bank Project » (1) évangélise les établissements européens depuis presque aussi longtemps, le régulateur britannique s’en empare activement, la directive PSD2 les rend obligatoires… Pourtant, rien ne paraît vraiment avancer dans le domaine des API bancaires ouvertes. Ou presque.

What is Open Banking and Why Does it Matter?

The use of APIs by banks is becoming increasingly common as they help to drive speed and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional legacy systems. Developing a global Open Banking Standard would set the framework for security and consumer protection as data sharing increases.

Ulster Bank runs hackathon to find ‘annoying’ applications

Ulster Bank is to run two three-day hackathons in Dublin and Belfast in collaboration with Open Bank Project parent Tesobe.

Digital transformation: how banks are cashing in

In just the last week we’ve heard the news that the first digital-only bank, Charter Savings Bank, is now open for business – taking on the UK’s high street goliaths. This is just one of the many new companies flooding the traditional banking sector, most of which aren’t even banks: Google Wallet, Apple Pay, PayPal, and so on.

RBS sees future in start-up partnerships

RBS’ global transaction services business is exploring collaboration with a number of start-up companies as a way of combining its own services with the innovation provided by smaller companies, through API sharing.

RBS’ API Reasoning Is A Textbook Justification For Doing APIs

Every now and then, we either spot or hear one of those money-quotes that explains at least one reason why all organizations should consider providing APIs if they aren’t doing so already.

Bank Innovation, Open Bank Project Form API Research Partnership

Bank Innovation has teamed with the Open Bank Project to conduct a research initiative surrounding the use of APIs in banking. Specifically, Bank Innovation and the Open Bank Project will undertake a research survey to better understand how banks worldwide are prioritizing API initiatives and why. We intend for the query to uncover the drivers behind the banking industry’s current API practices.

Berlin: Who needs banks?

The city is buzzing with fintech because it isn’t a bourgeois financial hub, say entrepreneurs.

How an open standard API could revolutionize banking

The United Kingdom government has commissioned a study of the feasibility of UK banks giving customers the ability to share their transactional data with third parties via an open standard API.

Les banques et les APIs

Depuis plusieurs années maintenant, un débat court autour de l’idée de mettre en place des APIs (« Interfaces de Programmation Applicative ») ouvertes dans les banques. Tesobe, l’entreprise allemande à l’origine de l’Open Bank Project a conduit une vaste enquête avec le site Bank Innovation afin d’établir un état des lieux du sujet.

The Future of Financial Services

How disruptive innovations are reshaping the way financial services are structured, provisioned and consumed

Two European Banks Pursue Startups

BBVA has opened registrations for its seventh annual global fintech startup competition. The bank said the competition is focused on identifying the most innovative proposals with the greatest potential to transform the financial industry.

How Banks and Fintech Can Find Common Ground

For a long time, the terms “user friendly” and “banking experience” rarely appeared in the same sentence. Between limited banking hours and holidays, customer portals that would make Windows 3.1 look sophisticated and weeklong waits to transfer funds, almost nothing within the industry was designed around the customer.

Hype Cycle for Open Banking APIs, Apps and App Stores

The focus of this Hype Cycle is the self-service discovery, provisioning and creation of new banking services by ecosystems that are inside and outside the bank. APIs, apps, app stores and partners are key to enabling open banking.

Will PSD2 be the driver for a new era in open banking?

So after the protracted and ongoing rollout of SEPA, along comes further European Union regulation in the guise of the second phase of the Payment Services Directive with further challenges to banks impacting the provision of one of the core banking services – namely payments, writes Neil Clarke

Is everybody API?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have been a standard method of interconnecting system components for decades, but in the past few years they have been discussed in the context of financial services as ‘a game changer’. A number of factors are behind this, but a striking fact is that they are now always referred to as open APIs – publicly available services that allow anyone to connect to services.

U.K. Push for Open Bank APIs Makes U.S. Look So Last Century

While a handful of U.S. banks are opening their software and data to outside applications, something much bolder is happening in Europe: governments are championing the practice, especially the U.K.

Les défis de l’interconnexion des systèmes (1/2) : l’économie des API

Les interfaces de programmation (API) et les systèmes de logiciels comme services (SaaS) permettent à nos systèmes techniques de discuter entre eux, aux données et aux programmes de se croiser, de s’alimenter, de se féconder les uns les autres…

Royal Bank of Scotland hosting hackathon in partnership with Open Bank Project

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will be joining Open Bank Project (OBP) to help host its regular banking hackathon this autumn.

RBS partners with the Open Bank Project

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is partnering with the Open Bank Project (OBP) for their Hack / Make The Bank hackathon which aims to improve the digital offerings provided by financial institutions.

Temenos tests new API at Open Bank Project’s hackathon event

Temenos will be supporting the Hack/ Make – The Bank Hackathon event organised by The Open Bank Project, TESOBE, and Level 39. Hack/Make The Bank, now in its third edition, hosts programmers, designers and financial services industry experts for a day of brainstorming and software creation.

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Will Banks Open App Stores? A Berlin Startup Thinks So

Open Bank Project has a bold mission: help banks open their own app stores using the German startup’s application programming interface and management platform. “Developers are hungry for data,” says Simon Redfern, founder and chief executive of Tesobe, Open Bank Project’s parent company.”[APIs] bring innovators to the bank.”

Hacking (Making) the Bank

Imagine going to a job interview and already knowing exactly how much everyone else at the company earns? Wouldn’t that make those questions about “salary requirements” much easier to answer? That’s exactly what happened to one recent hiree at the Berlin based IT firm Tesobe, which has initiated a new movement in banking called the Open Bank Project. They are creating an API, an interface which allows developers to create programs that can communicate directly and securely with your bank.

Four Technologies That Will Revolutionize Financial Services

A new wave of technological change is right beyond the next hill, really in the next couple of years. Its most visible symptom is the hyper-connectivity to the Internet, which fuels the evolution of: bitcoin-inspired distributed systems open APIs (application programming interface) as a new way to consumer business services on the internet crowd-sourced identity schemes open source hardware and applications

VIDEO: Why Banks Need App Stores

For one thing, customers will demand it, said Simon Redfern, who heads up the Berlin-based Open Bank Project. The ecosystem of services built around core offerings has certainly helped companies such as Amazon and Apple.

Hype Cycle for Open Banking APIs, Apps and App Stores

The focus of this Hype Cycle is the self-service discovery, provisioning and creation of new banking services by ecosystems that are inside and outside the bank. APIs, apps, app stores and partners are key to enabling open banking.

Next Bank Europe plots disruptive ‘hackathon’ in Barcelona

Spanish start-up support organisation Finnovista is hosting a ‘hackathon’ in Barcelona next month which it says will bring together programmers, designers and business people to develop new software for retail banking, capital markets, payments and big data.

Open-access banks: surviving the tech challenge

Banks are facing a digital revolution that may become rule of law if European Commission proposals on account access are passed. With new entrants on the inside track when it comes to technological advantages and banks at risk of becoming the ‘dumb pipes’, some lenders are rising to the challenge, while others simply do not get it.

Next Bank Europe to Host Retail-Banking Hackathon in Barcelona

An international initiative focusing on innovation for business is organizing a so-called “hackathon” in Barcelona, to take place just before the Next Bank Europe conference on 17-19 September. The event will look into new ways to improve retail-banking and payment systems. Participants, among them software programmers, designers and business representatives, will also exchange ideas, develop new software for capital markets and discuss big-data management.

The Search for a Safer Way to Share Consumer Data with PFM Sites

It’s the equivalent of handing car keys to a perfect stranger, but users of personal finance management sites have been doing it for years.

Les idées germent à Hack (Make!) the Bank

En moins de 2 ans, les hackathons « Hack (Make!) the Bank » organisés par l’« Open Bank Project » sont devenus un des rendez-vous incontournables de l’innovation technologique au service de la finance.

Innovation spotlight – Open Bank Project

Germany-based Open Bank Project (OBP) is looking to tap into the wave of innovation on the market with its open source ‘app store’ API for banks. It has built up a community of developers and partners, and also has its first two customers.

Data sharing and open data for banks

A report exploring how financial technology firms can make better use of bank data on behalf of customers, through application programming interfaces and open data.

Banking API Standardization Considered By UK Treasury

U.K. banking is soon to feel the brunt of API disruption with moves by the Treasury Department to commence an agenda that will create standardized APIs for the industry.

Open APIs Hold the Key to the Future of Banking

It’s tempting to see banking as one of the most conservative industries out there. After all, the foundations of modern banking go back nearly six centuries. But banking as we know it is changing fast, undergoing one of the biggest transformations in recent history.

Open Bank Project – Bank as a Platform, Transparency as an Asset

The Open Bank Project enables banks to innovate by leveraging open APIs, open source and open data. It makes banking data more accessible via an ecosystem of apps and services built on an enterprise ready open source stack.

7 Questions with Simon Redfern, Founder of the Open Bank Project

1. Who are you? I’m Simon Redfern, programmer, composer, CEO of TESOBE (an agile web / mobile agency based in Berlin) and founder of the Open Bank Project.

How APIs Facilitate Open-Source Branding [Future of Retail]

By opening their APIs to outside developers, brands and retailers are keeping pace with the changing marketplace.

Finovate Europe 2013: Digital Financial Innovation

I’ve spent the past two days at Finovate Europe in London, which has rapidly established itself as the leading European retail financial technology event of the year.

Seven Technology Entrepreneurs Selected for FinTech Innovation Lab London

Seven financial technology entrepreneurs have been selected to participate in the inaugural FinTech Innovation Lab London launched by Accenture (NYSE: ACN), leading banks and venture capital companies last year. The Lab is designed to nurture early-stage companies developing new technologies for the financial services sector.

Open Bank Project aims to bring financial transparency to organizations with an API and Web 2.0

Ever since the 2007/08 economic crisis left countless companies, countries and consumers financially crippled, it’s fair to say that banks and big financial institutions haven’t been the flavor of the month in the public’s eye. With that in mind, a new initiative courtesy of Berlin-based developers TESOBE wants to bring some financial transparency to organizations’ activities, courtesy of open source Web 2.0 tools.

TESOBE’s Open Bank Project API Encourages Innovation and Transparency

TESOBE took the stage with its Open Bank Project (OBP) API: “The world’s first Singing Bank! ( demonstrates three principles of the OBP API

9 Eurostyle Innovations

Europe has long been more aggressive about banking innovation than other regions around the world, especially the US. Despite the Squares and Stripes and whatnot here in America, that still appears to be the case.

Open Bank API Connects Third Party Apps Like Mint Or Foreign Languages To Banks

Here’s a counter-intuitive idea — an open source project for banking which turns the bank into a platform. Isn’t that just about the opposite of what banks want to do?

Libérons les banques avec Open Bank Project

Et si chaque transaction bancaire faite par un utilisateur lui devenait accessible ? Open Bank Project, initiative lancée en 2008, a un tel but. Créer une interface de communication (API) ouverte pour partager les données des banques.

Simon Redfern “The Open Banking Project”

The Open Bank Project is a European initiative to open up financial transactions to much larger groups of individuals and raise the bar of financial transparency. It will achieve this by allowing a diverse range of third-party software applications (including fraud analysis tools, web apps, mobile apps, social widgets and payment gateways) to access any bank account that supports the Open Bank Protocol and API.

Transparently online

Over the weekend we have seen thousands of people gathering world-wide in financial and banking districts around the world. So what can be done to change banking that might make things a bit better?

Open Bank Project: Bankenrevolution von unten

Hinter dem Open Bank Project (OBP) steckt folgende Idee: Zusammen mit einem Konsortium von Banken, Open Source und Web 2.0 Experten, Software-Firmen, Institutionen und Universitäten hat man sich das Ziel gesetzt, eine Open Source-Plattform zu schaffen. Primäres Anliegen: Die Öffnung von Finanztransaktionen per gesicherter und zuverlässiger API (Schnittstelle für Anwendungsprogrammierung) ermöglichen.

Ouvrir le monde bancaire ?

L’open bank : c’est moins fun que l’open bar, mais ce peut être beaucoup plus utile. Surtout pour lutter contre la corruption.

If banking were more Open Source, we would need less Wikileaks

The Open Bank Project develops Open Source Software called the OBP API (Application Programming Interface). In general, an API is a piece of software and/or a set of rules that many independent programmers can embed into their own software programs to make them talk to each other.

“Open Bank Projekt”: Offene API soll das Bankwesen revolutionieren

Im Finanzwesen gehört Geheimniskrämerei zum Alltag – der Nährboden für Korruption und Betrug. Das “Open Bank Projekt” will Transparenz in die Bankwelt bringen und sie modernisieren.

Mit offenen Finanztransaktionen gegen Korruption

Das Open-Bank-Projekt will für mehr Transparenz bei Finanztransaktionen sorgen, um Korruption und Misswirtschaft zu verhindern. Das Berliner Unternehmen Technical Solutions Berlin (TESOBE) will dazu ein Framework entwickeln, das Zugang zu den Transaktionen bietet.

Europaweite Initiative für mehr Transparenz bei Finanztransaktionen

Technical Solutions Berlin (TESOBE, gibt heute den Launch seines Open Bank Project (OBP, bekannt. Das OBP ist eine europaweite Initiative mit dem Ziel Finanztransaktionen für die breite Masse zu öffnen und so mit Hilfe von Open Source und Web 2.0 Transparenz im Bankwesen zu fördern.

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