What is the Open Bank Project middleware?

The Open Bank Project (OBP) Middleware contains all the tools that financial institutions need to leverage their APIs and provide their customers with access to an ecosystem of 3rd party apps and services.

The solution makes it easy to create, secure, distribute, and monetise APIs and comes with a catalogue of over 400 pre-built APIs available for immediate use.

It also grants access to OBP’s vibrant and global community of over 11,000 fintech developers & startups and their applications.

OBP middleware lives on-premise behind the bank’s firewall or in the cloud. It connects to the bank’s back-end systems and third-parties to expose a rich set of modern and fintech-friendly APIs.

It comes with:

  • over 400 ready-to-use APIs
  • a highly secure API Gateway
  • a developer-friendly, self-service API portal
  • a realistic sandbox environment
  • flexible and easy-to-use core-banking connectors
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) workflows that satisfy PSD2 and similar regulations

How it works

To deploy the OBP middleware, banks usually follows a 6-step process:

Commercial terms – the Open Bank Project is governed by a Software Licence Agreement issued by TESOBE which gives the financial institution the right to use and modify the Open Bank Project instance. The SLA includes liability insurance and access to support and maintenance. TESOBE also offers professional services such as technical integration and fintech community building services. Please reach out to us for pricing.

Unrivalled Open Banking experience

Successful track record including over 40 global banking customers in open finance initiatives, ranging from design to implementation. We have developed unique and unrivalled expertise in Open Finance, and OBP technology has been used by HSBC, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, RBS, Unicredit and a range of other leading banks.

Flexible architecture

We provide a ready-to-use stack of highly secure Open Finance APIs and connectivity to Core Banking Systems (CBS) which can be configured in real time. Based on 10 years of agile development, our software stack has evolved to allow complex integrations to be completed quickly. The OBP API is enterprise-grade and highly modular.

Thriving global developer community and third party partners

We’ve built a worldwide community of over 11,000 developers who use our APIs and who are keen to partner with banks. By using OBP solutions, the client can leverage a host of existing fintech Apps ranging from PFMs to chatbots.

Accelerator for legacy integration

Based on best-of-breed technologies, OBP offers a framework which speeds up integration with a variety of back-end banking systems and known core banking software, in particular SOAP and REST services.

Security & compliance

Harnessing years of development experience, OBP has developed a security model that ensures security does not negatively impact user and developer experience. On-site deployment together with a mix of industry-standard and continuous security analysis provides an unparalleled level of security for the platform.

Deployment in less than 6 months

Benefits include lower total cost of ownership and no vendor lock-in by leveraging open source code and existing technology.

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