Open Bank Project SEPA Adapter Video Guide

SEPA transfers are quicker and cheaper than regular cross-border payments, sometimes even free. This tutorial explains how to use the OBP API to enable SEPA transfers on your app.

How can Open Banking accelerate Financial Inclusion?

Having a bank account is a privilege. Over 1.7 billion world citizens are excluded from the benefits and entitlements provided by access to a bank account. Almost two billion people have no access to affordable financial products addressing their specific needs.

The Open Bank Project in India

A few months ago I broke up with my cofounder and stopped working on our idea to build a digital credit card service for SMEs in Europe (see my blog post). Even though I find the idea still fascinating I decided to take some time off and started freelancing instead.

The Four “Os” of Open Banking

Open Banking is a decentralized software development model that allows consumers and companies to share their banking information (transaction history, account balance, etc.) with third party service providers and app developers using open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Naturally, this only takes place with the end customer's prior authorization.

Our sandboxes are as open as our source code. Feel free to try out the APIs and connect your App to a sandbox.

To get started, you can create a free developer account on the General Sandbox here

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