Open Bank Project Foundation

This one day course provides a hands-on introduction to Open Bank Project technology, philosophy and design goals.

We will cover:

  • The roots of Open Bank Project

  • The Open Bank Project API catalogue

  • OBP Architechture: Connectors, adapters, cache

  • What’s a sandbox

  • The OBP data model and general concepts

  • How to use the API Explorer and REST client to interact with the API

  • How and when to use DirectLogin, GatewayLogin and OAuth

  • OBP SDKs including Python, NodeJS and IOS

  • How to install Open Bank Project API, API Explorer and API Manager on your own machine

  • How to customise the API Portal

  • How to use API Manager

OBP and Kafka

In this one day course you will learn how to use Open Bank Project with Kafka

We will cover:

  • Design goals of using Kafka in your OBP environment

  • OBP Kafka Connectors and Adapters

  • Message Docs, Avro schemas and Kafka Topics

  • How to setup multiple instances of OBP API

  • How to setup a Kafka cluster for OBP

  • Caching in Connectors and Adapters (using Redis)

  • Securing the environment

  • Performance and operational considerations

OBP for Java and Scala developers

This course is for Java and Scala developers coming to Open Bank Project for the first time.

We will cover:

  • Scala for Java developers

  • The OBP API catalogue

  • OBP Design goals

  • Liftweb in OBP

  • Akka in OBP

  • Kafka in OBP

  • How the OBP API source code is structured

  • How endpoints are built

  • How Resrouce Docs and Swagger documentation is generated

  • How the API look and feel is customised

  • How versions and endpoints are disabled

  • The OBP Data model

  • How the API Explorer works

  • Creating new endpoints using OBP API Builder (scala macros and scala meta in action)

Please contact us to learn more!