Open Banking Training

Build internal expertise and in-house capacity with our Open Banking training programmes.

Simon Redfern
Simon Redfern

CEO of TESOBE and Founder of the Open Bank Project

Both your business and technical teams benefit from a deeper understanding of Open Banking. We personalise our training programmes to avoid unnecessary lessons and let your team focus on what they need to know.

For Banks

  • 00.Get to know common open banking terminology and concepts

  • 01.Gain a broader understanding of how Open Banking can benefit your financial institution 

  • 02.Understand the challenges and common pitfalls involved in Open Banking implementation

  • 03.Map your business objectives with Open Banking use cases

  • 04.Learn how to design an API strategy aligned with business objectives

  • 05.Become literate in API Management even if you’re not in a technical role

For Regulators

  • 00.Get to know common open banking terminology and concepts

  • 01.Gain an in-depth understanding of the benefits and challenges of introducing  Open Banking in your region

  • 02.Map Open Banking use cases to regional objectives and challenges

  • 03.Find out the key considerations when designing an Open Banking framework, including the common pitfalls

  • 04.Explore major API standards to shape your own

For Developers

  • 00.Understand the basics of API design and Lifecycle Management

  • 01.Learn to harness the Open Bank Project platform

  • 02.Tap into the features of the OBP technology

Get your team API-ready

Get your team API-ready

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